Using affiliate links to earn money quick –

ad.fy has an ios app available. Download it and earn using the below method and your cell phone.

what is

Another method to earn money online is simply using affiliate links. There are many many affiliate programs you can sign up for. Do I know which ones are the best ones no I do not. I guess that would depend on your niche. You have to get clicks to earn so ask yourself what you can promote that would get people to click on a link.

How to combine affiliate programs,, and content sharing to get the maximum return

Ok here is a trick that only someone like me could tell you. Everyday you are sharing links, everyone is unless you don’t use the internet at all. I doubt that because then you probably wouldn’t be reading this. So go and create an account at and get paid to share those same links.

What is

It is a link shorten-er that pays you every time someone clicks on your link. So easy to use and earn money. They even have a separate system for sharing adult links and earning on clicks as well.

Double your money with and affiliate links

Take affiliate link, shorten it. Someone clicks it get paid from the affiliate link and at the same time. Pretty easy.

Well this sounds time consuming, is it really worth it?

Learn to use content automation tools like to automate your sharing. This all runs in the background while you are working or doing whatever it just requires an initial set up.

There’s obviously a lot more I could write about this but you get the general idea. If not and you have questions feel free to contact me.

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