Making Money Drop Shipping Online

make money drop shipping

I first started out online making money drop shipping.

A lot of people start out online with an e-commerce store. There are so many different platforms that can help you begin selling in just a few minutes, with Shopify being the biggest in the industry (they even put Amazons Webstore out of business.)

I have always said the same thing about running an e-commerce store: it is a lot of work. But if done correctly can be an amazing way to earn, especially with drop shopping. Making money drop shipping has many advantages. The top 2 reasons I started making money drop shipping were:

  1. I didn’t have to make a huge financial investment for inventory.
  2. You don’t have to handle the product at all.

Making money drop shipping works like this: The drop shipper gives you access to their product inventory at a certain price and you sell that inventory at a higher price, then pay the drop shipper to send out your product, and keep the difference.

If you are just dying to have your own store, but are new to e-commerce sites I would say making money drop shipping is a great avenue to begin in. Once you start making money drop shipping then you can use some of your earnings to stock your own inventory.

Confessions about My Making Money Drop Shipping Operations

I haven’t ran my e-commerce sites now in like forever, I have just been too busy working 🙂 Also because I have been attempting to convert my online vape store to a storefront, but that is a story for another blog post. Today though I want to put back up a mini version of my online vape store and making money drop shipping a select inventory.

I will be using a self hosted wordpress site, finding a good drop shopping program, importing products, and quickly setting up SEO in today’s blog post on making money drop shipping.

Getting The Site Ready

Choosing a domain for your website can be a big first step, as someone who loves branding, I think you should take great consideration in this step. Pick something that you think your consumers will understand and find interesting. For me, vaping is a part of my brand, so I will just create a sub-domain for my site:

Now that you have your site up choose a theme. I always get my themes from When choosing a theme for an e-commerce WordPress site make sure the theme is compatible with the latest version Woocommerce and is being updated consistently. This well help you avoid outdated template errors from Woocommerce in the future.

This is also another step in which you must begin to think heavily about your brand. Your website is your businesses online presence, so you want it to represent your brand well.

Once you have your theme installed with Wocommerce, you can start looking for drop shipping programs.

Finding good drop shipping programs to make money from

In most cases a simple Google search like this: product I want to sell + drop shipping, will get you started. The key to finding a good drop shipping program to make money with is doing the research! Like I said from the beginning, if you want to do this the correct way, it won’t be easy. Research your new drop shipping company extensively, after all they will be the new partner in your business.

What to look for in a drop shipper?

There are many different criteria you can look at when evaluating drop ship companies. Here are a few of them that may be important to you:

White Label Service

For many who are looking to start a clothing e-commerce store, the white label service can be appealing. A white label service is when the product you’re selling, obviously made by someone else, is re-branded to appear as though it is produced directly by your company. So imagine having the ability to drop ship a dress to your customer, with your own companies tag on it, without having to do anything, other than sell the product and interact with your customer.

Shipping Fees

Contact the company you want to use and get information on how much it costs to ship the products. Make sure its reasonably priced and that they use the post service you want. You will need to know the prices for shipping in advance anyways; to be sure you are charging the consumers the correct price for shipping. In the past, I have even marked the shipping fees up on my drop shipping service, and made money from both the product sale and the shipping.


If you are a developer then you will want to look for drop shipping companies who have an API. Integrating with your drop shipping companies API can make things like importing inventory and placing your orders, a super simple automatic process. If you are not that tech savvy don’t worry. I used a CSV file to import all my products into WordPress and into Woocommerce the first time. There are many plugins that will help you with the product inventory import, but ensure that you can get either a CSV or XML from your drop shipping company.

Importing Your Product Inventory into WordPress/ Woocommerce

Like I said you don’t have to be super technical to get your product inventory into your new site. The free plugin, located on the WordPress directory, that I used is:

Product Import Export for Woocommerce 

Once you have your CSV and have installed the product import plugin, navigate to the plugins settings by going from your WP admin to the Woocommerce menu and down to Product Im-Ex.

WP Admin > Woocommerce > Product Im-Ex

For a fresh install of WordPress & Woocommerce, I would not recommend changing any of the settings. Just click on the button that says “Import Products.”

making money drop shipping

On the next screen, again I would not recommended changing any of the settings. Select your CSV then start the import.

making money drop shipping

Your import will begin, and look like the below. This part may take a while if you are importing a lot of products so be patient and wait till the end of the import process.

making money drop shipping

It will show you if any products were not imported correctly (I had just a few). I chose to clean them up by hand, but you can always try to re-import your CSV if you want different results. If you choose to re-import your CSV, make sure that you select the “Merge if product exists” box, to avoid tons of unwanted duplicates.

making money drop shipping

Congratulations! You now have an online business and can begin making money drop shipping!

Ok, now this is where it gets really hard. Having an online e-commerce store is like 20% of the making money equation. It is a start.. but without the other necessary parts you probably won’t be that successful. So what else do you need to make this a real WIN?

SEO, Sharing, and Promotions for your New Drop Ship Website – Hustle Harder

In order to make real money with your drop shipping website you are going to have to hustle harder. By this time you may have heard of a concept known as SEO, or search engine optimization, even if you haven’t that’s ok, you are still going to need it. Without being an SEO whiz there are some things you can do right away to make sure that your site is going to get seen.

Install Yoast SEO plugin is the first step towards better SEO. It will help you dynamically create Meta Tags for your posts, and it will create your sitemaps for you.

Next go sign up for Google Webmaster Tools, get your sitemaps submitted to Google. This will start the Google bots on crawling your site and indexing your pages in the search results. Helping to ensure your pages get seen by the search engines, and can be served to consumers out there looking for a product like yours. This is the smartest move you can make for your new online business.  I also recommended doing the same thing with Bing Webmaster Tools.

Next you will want to create social media accounts for your business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and every other network your business fits into. Sharing from your company on social networks has many advantages, but for you right now, since your business is new, it is going to help you get the one thing you need to start competing: Traffic. Your site is new and young and Google knows that, getting a stream of traffic coming in from your social networks will help increase your website authority.

Lastly, I say this in almost all of my posts. Run paid promotions for yourself. Advertise your business in anyway that you can. You may not have the money to do this right away, but make sure to come back to this step when you do. Even a small advertising budget can help to propel your business and get conversions.

Good Luck, write me with questions or if help is needed 🙂

As always, you can contact me and I will give you any advice or help that you may need! You can also visit my drop shipping site at I followed these same steps to create my site and will be writing a few more posts soon with keys on being successful making money drop shipping. So check back soon!



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